ITG takes care of what some people spend hours doing on line—and then does more.

-No package deals. Every ITG itinerary is planned, from scratch, around you: your vision, your interests, your pace, your needs. No two trips are alike.

-Adventure—but no misadventure. Spanish/English-speaking local contacts and guides for problem solving and the richest possible travel experience, on call 24/7.

-Ignore timetables. ITG arranges door-to-door transportation—land, sea and air, on everything from camelback to private helicopter—precisely when you’re ready to go.

-Insider connections. You can’t VIP yourself, after all. ITG maintains personal connections with agents, concierges, expert guides, local players—even some really amazing friends—who can open any door, get tickets to any show or snag the right table no matter where you are.