In an age of cookie-cutter tourism—when anyone with a credit card can point and click his way around the world—there are still travelers who search for something more. They travel to see a place they dreamed of as children. To meet its people. To a place no one ever goes. To enjoy its most superlative refinements—or its most exciting adventures. To start a new life on a honeymoon no other couple ever had. These are individuals who see the real value of sophisticated, intelligent, authentic travel.

Since 1992 ITG focuses exclusively on you, that superlative traveler.
Together with ITG you make an exceptional journey. Come to us with a vision, however extravagant—everything from your own yacht in Hong Kong Harbor to a private viewing of Macchu Picchu; a spiritual trek to India or a silent, jade-scented honeymoon in Bali; a luxe safari in the Gobi desert, Oktoberfest without the madding crowds, a VIP seat at the Sambadome. Or just a five-star Paris spree to out-dazzle the Sun King himself. Anything is possible.

ITG adds legwork to the vision. We plan a custom itinerary suitable only for you. It’s not point A to point B on day X. It’s who you’ll meet along the way, in hotels and rentals focused on your preferences, your pace, your interests. Entrées into the most exclusive restaurants or a tiny table in a remote locale no tourist could ever find. The right blend of intense appreciation and pure relaxation. And hassle-free, no matter how far afield you go, with 24/7 helplines and a local, Spanish/English-speaking contact in every destination, ready for any contingency. Private, insider guides who know and love where they are—and lead you exactly where you dream of going, with intelligence, spontaneity and humor.