The wedding was a smash—but now it’s time for just you two. On an atoll surrounded by a barrier reef, Bora Bora is everything that’s most beautiful on this green earth—yet seems like another planet. All alone, you swim in seas so clear they practically disappear. Soaring, verdant mountains entice you like something from a storybook. This fragile, timeless environment is a honeymoon for the luckiest of lovers. Once you get to Bora Bora, you’ll know how far you’ve come. The air, the vistas, the heady tropical perfumes…will put you both into a love trance, with little need to venture from villas and bungalows (delicious food can always be brought in, right?). But this new life is an adventure. So hop on jet skis and dash about the lagoon; fly over intense sea- and mountain-scapes by helicopter; or head into a forest, brimming with life, on a luxury off-road trek.


    Moorea is home of the bigger coral ecosystem of the world – more than 3000 different reefs. Travel to experience the incredible biodiversity of the island, diving or sailing on a ship with bottom glass. Moorea’s incredible nature is a product of a volcano, which created the famous form of heart of the zone, insure yourself of visiting Belvedere, which it presumes to be one of the most unforgettable sights of the South Pacific.