No matter how many times you go, London never stops dazzling, with all its timeless tradition and yet always right on the cutting edge when it comes to art, music and fashion. The British Empire may only be a memory, but London always feels like the capital of the art for centuries and its museums and galleries enjoy a long, storied past—yet exploring the scene is the edgiest it’s been in decades: new curatorial approaches and controversial themes are blowing the dust off classics like the Victoria and Albert Museum, while the Tate Modern continues to astonish in its originality and spectacle. London fires the imagination every time.


    Rome is and will always be the Eternal City—grand, romantic, yet somehow still authentic, a dazzling pageant of history, architecture, amazing sunlight and beguiling nightlife. And populated by some of the best-dressed, sexiest people on the planet. First time out, there are a thousand sites to see, churches to duck into, museums to hit. Return visits delight us even more, when there’s less of a hurry and more time for dolce far niente—the “joy of doing nothing”—as you tarry over a garden breakfast, stroll some of the world’s greatest window shopping, galleries and used bookshops, or just sit down for coffee and conversation in a plaza where friends have met up to slow down for more than 2000 years. When the feeling is eternal, how can you be in a rush?


It amazes us that Florence—a city of fewer than 400,000 inhabitants—can be such a metropolis of everything that is civilized, refined and beautiful. That it’s the birthplace to so much magnificent architecture, so much breathtaking, history-changing art. And how we envy the life of the locals! The subdued but exquisite shopping (for everything from art and fine papers to antiques and rare books); sunlit afternoon strolls; a no-hurry coffee or cocktail serenaded by dozens of cathedral bells; the marvelous Tuscan countryside that’s just a short hop away; delicious lunches that last more than half an afternoon. It’s time to move Florence from the “must-do” list to your must-live list.


    When was the last time you did Berlin? You need to get back. The city’s at an all-time high, fueled by an edgy, inspiring arts and architecture scene that just won’t quit. The fantastic urban mix of old and new has been spiffed up, the restaurant scene is glorious!


Far from madding crowds but surprisingly accessible (geographically, that is) Andermatt is still secret enough—yet fully prepared for the superlative, five-star Alpine adventure. Did we mention one of Switzerland’s most breathtaking valleys frames all the fabulous?

How did we ever survive without the fantastic “ski butlers”? They take care of all slope-related hassles (gear, lift tickets, reservations, etc.); you just swish and flip through flawless powder till it’s time for that apres-ski.

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