Every great traveler must reach India at last—and no one returns unchanged. Today’s India is a nation on the rise but when you don’t know where to look, the mad pace can obscure millennia of fascinating history and architectural grandeur.

Don’t miss Hyderabad’s sensational architecture and kaleidoscopic sensations—but also leave plenty of time just to relax and soak up palace splendors that make the hotel a city unto itself. Guest entrances are the first among many show-stoppers—you arrive in the Nizam’s chariot, escorted by the palace guard, beneath a shower of rose petals. Palace salons invite endless exploration; and if Her Highness Princess Esra Jah is in residence, she’d be delighted to join you for tea.


    Bangkok is a kick—it whirs ’round the clock at colorful markets; in architecture and palaces that will blow your mind; in its teeming bazaars and buzzy restaurants; and not least of all, at some major thunka-thunka nightclubs. Which we love every time we go. Still, you’ve got to have your chill time. From arrival at the sleek, striking you know you’ve reached a place of calm, wellness and meditation. For detox, we take you to one of the city’s finest spas, which offers everything from hydrotherapy and traditional treatments to a yoga studio, gymnasium and four Thai massage pavilions. Peace be with you, indeed.


If you’re traveling to the other side of the world, it’s got to be something really good, right? That was the thinking behind where we take you, where guests stay in over-water cabañas that resemble local fishing boats extending out from powdery white sands and over intense turquoise seas. When it’s time to swim, just jump out of your hut! The bliss is instant—but you can even take it higher at the hotel’s amazing wellness spa. And though you’re tempted to do nothing, don’t miss some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling, sunset cruises for dolphin watching and the best-ever smooth-sea sailing.


    Nestled in Thailand’s cool, sunny highlands, Chiang Mai is the cultural and spiritual capital so few know. Yet what a marvelous sanctuary it is—perfect for travelers on a love journey. Marvel before hundreds of glittering, centuries-old temples; and everyday life among welcoming locals—in markets and on excursions into the splendid countryside—is an equally colorful pageant. A unique blend of exuberant greenery and gentle, inspiring culture is a natural for sophisticated travelers.

    Get in touch with inner bliss and a sense of Buddhist transcendence on excursions to indigenous hillside villages, with their never-ending religious observances…or even working a real rice paddy (you’ll never take the grain for granted again).

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